Illinois homeowners insurance

Illinois homeowners insuranceHomeowners insurance works two fold, it protects your assets and it satisfies your mortgage lender. The benefits of having your assets protected is obvious, but what about your mortgage lender?

Most lenders require proof of insurance coverage and often have themselves listed on the policy. If for some reason you forget to pay your insurance or you let it lapse, your lender will, in most cases, have you covered.

The majority of insurance websites can give you an, Illinois homeowners insurance quotes. However, there are many companies looking for your business and filling out every form for a quote can be tiring. Here are a couple of great insurance companies to get a quote from.

Allstate has great insurance and discount offers. Illinois is actually where their headquarters is, making them one of the biggest home insurers in Illinois. They also have some great online features to help you keep track of your policies.

State Farm has a great reputation in the state of Illinois. In fact, they claim to insure over 30% of the homes in Illinois. Being a nationwide company, they have a great financial strength rating, provide tools to manage your policy, like mobile apps and offers standard discounts.

Country Mutual has been providing insurance for over 75 years, with an A+ rating from A.M. Best. They have different kinds of coverage options and are very competitively priced, while offering some standard and non-standard discounts. They have a fairly straight forward claims process, so if the worst does happen, you won’t be fumbling with the insurance forms after.

If you’re looking for just the cheapest insurance available, without any regard to the policy, State Farm or Progressive, might be your best bet. There’s no way to know for absolute sure, what the cheapest rate is, as all rates are made on a case to case basis, but in general, State Farm and Progressive are among the cheapest.

On the other end, Liberty Mutual and Farmers, are usually on the higher priced end of the insurance spectrum. Whether the services and policies justify the price, depends on your needs. It would be worth giving them both a call to see the difference between them and some of the lower costing policies. They may offer you a much greater value, and be something worth taking a hard look at.

When it comes to homeowners insurance, the cost should really be secondary compared to peace of mind.